Normally, people are using emails to connect with their relatives, friends, associates through the internet. Similarly, lots of business people are also using it to connect with their customers and suppliers. Even though now days the social media platforms have a rise in the market, sending email is 40 times really more effective at getting the new customers than Twitter, Facebook, and other social media pages. This is why email spamming is still on the top of the list when it comes to the digital marketing. Emails always deliver the highest ROI for the marketers and business owners. 

More than 70% of the people always prefer receiving the promotional content only through the email. There are only 17 % of the people prefer it from the social media. So, the business owner should have to do their brand promotions only through the email marketing. The emails are always most powerful way to connect with the prospects. The following are a few most effective email marketing strategies which should be using to get more sales and generate extensive profits for your business. 

Effective email marketing strategies

  • Give something valuable away 

The popular bloggers frequently boast about how much emails they have collected. Collecting huge numbers of emails grow their business better to get more amounts of potential subscribers. Having higher subscribers count will be higher value to your business site. 

  • Optimize your emails for mobile experience

Smart phone mobile technology is the future of everything. The sales of the desktop computers have been dropping now for years. Most of the people now start using only the mobile phones or tablets. So, the business owners have to optimize your emails which can be opened even on the mobile devices. This is because only 19 % of emails open in the desktop whereas 54 % of your promotional emails are now opened only on the smart phones or other mobile devices.

  • Re-engage inactive subscribers

It is really affordable to target the existing customers than the new customers. Through the email marketing, first of all you have to focus on engaging the current subscribers instead of trying to get the new ones.

  • Segment your subscribers

Segmenting your email lists will be helpful to get better open & click rates. By this way, you can send emails to different subscribers based on their individual interests and needs.

  • Use automation

Email automation is actually the marketing automation subset which will increase your sales pipeline and covert your business leads into prospects.

Some more email marketing strategies

  • Personalize your emails

Personalizing your promotional email messages will surely increase your engagement if they are useful and more relevant to the customers. It can surely deliver 6x higher transaction rates for your business success. 

  • Occasionally send out exclusive content

Exclusivity is the most powerful tactic of email marketing and it has been used by several numbers of brands for years. Sending any exclusive marketing content to your subscribers when there is any occasion, it will definitely increase more sales.

  • A/B test everything like color, button, format, and design

The digital marketers A/B test their Facebook ads, website designs, landing pages, and also Google Adwords Ads. Likewise, they have to apply the same thing to the email marketing to increase your ROI and sales. Some important things to be considered are subject lines, call to action, testimonials, personalization, body test, layout of the message, headline, closing test, test different offers, and images.

  • Add urgency to your emails

If your email messages put your receivers under pressure to act, you will surely convert more amounts of subscribers into the customers. For longer years, most of the digital marketers have been using the phrases like hurry, act now, and only a few items left to convert their internet users into the customers.

  • Use social proof to sell on emails 

Social proof has the bigger influence on what you buy and who will buy from. The digital marketing experts are suing such social proof on almost every email marketing channel and the email messages are not an exception. Your marketing emails are the most powerful channel to even use social proof.